Powder Coating

There is no doubt that Powder Coating is a great process but who you choose to coat your product can make a huge difference. If you care about it enough to protect it with powder, bring it to a professional shop that will do the job correctly and take care of your property.

Speedy's powder coating process starts with blasting the item to remove rust impurities and to give a rough texture for proper adhesion. Powder coating is a partially cured resin with pigments of color that is ground into a fine powder. It is applied to conductive parts with an electrostatic spray gun. After application, items are placed in our 25 ft. oven to complete the cure cycle of the powdercoat to a hard, decorative finish.

The time frame for powder coating projects can vary, but we generally try to stay between 3 to 5 business days. The best way to get an accurate estimate on both price and time frame is to call or visit our plant in person and let us know in detail what you want accomplished.

Speedy's Industrial Coatings is located in an industrial building with a warehouse, inventory room, office and reception area. Our state-of-the-art equipment can handle parts as large as 10ft. tall x 10ft. wide x 25ft. long, making us the premier powdercoating facility in the state! CONTACT US for more information.

Speedy's Powder Coating Process

Material Preparation

Media Blasting
Rinsing & Cleaning

Powder Coating

Grind Object
Apply Powder
Third Feature


Heat in Industrial Oven
Third Feature