Media Blasting

If you're on having a product powder coated it's vital to prepare the surface of the item properly so paint adhesion will not be a problem and also to ensure a smooth final finish. The standard prep method is blasting. While many companies use sandblasting to accomplish this task, over the years we have determined that Aluminum Oxide, rather than sand, is a much safer alternative and just as effective.

Utilizing sand to blast products can create excessive heat that can potentially damage the item to be blasted, not to mention the toxic chemicals that are released during this process. Aluminum Oxide is also a much better choice when blasting smaller items that could be more vulnerable to damage.

Speedy's also offers "Bead Blasting." Bead blasting is very effective in cleaning aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium surfaces like those used for automotive purposes. It is also a preferred choice when blasting softer metals such as jewelry and decorative copper, brass and silver items.

We'll work with you to decide which is the best blasting option for your project. CONTACT US for more informations.